Ensure orphans within the UAE through the Red Crescent and charities

Orphans will be selected after study their social case adequately by the social research personnel in the Authority branches within UAE and the supervision departments and the Authority overseas offices. You can sponsor an Orphan by selecting one of the available forms of orphans at the Authority headquarters or at one of its branches which spreads across UAE or by the Authority representatives who are in shopping malls and banks. Sponsorship is repayable either by a monthly deduction from the sponsor’s bank account or by cash payment in advance for at least six months. The value of the Orphan sponsorship ranges monthly between: 150 – 200 dirhams overseas and 300 dirhams within UAE. • The total number of orphans who are sponsored by the Authority until the end of 2010, within and outside UAE is 58 thousand and 885 orphans, whom 3 thousand and 246 orphans, while the rest of the Crescent orphans reside in 29 foreign countries. The value of their sponsorship during 2010 is 131 million and 670 thousand and 204 dirhams. To contact with Sponsorship and orphans Affairs Department, please Click here


Sponsorship and orphans Affairs Department is providing assistance and support for orphans whom sponsorship has ended and for orphans who are still at the age of sponsorship; in school fees payments and also university fees payments for the outstanding students whom some of them are inside and outside the country. As well as, providind the training and habilitation courses (such as English language course, International computer driving license course, secretarial course and othercourses). The number of beneficiaries of orphans inside and outside the country who have benefited from this program in 2010 is (226) orphans.


Which are the poorest families and need much more help and support, Sponsorship and orphans Affairs Department has carried out a project to sponsor families within UAe, Palestine and Yemen …, the number of families benefiting of this is 576 families by the end of 2010, and the sponsorship value ranges between (300 – AED 1000) per month.


They are the people with mobility, mental or sensory disabilities, the project is currently carried out in Yemen, and the number of sponsored people now is 92 beneficiaries..